8 books of Malcolm in the Middle: 101 WAYS TO GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING!, 101 WAYS TO STOP BOREDOM!, #6 THE HOSTAGE CRISIS, #5 MALCOLM FOR PRESIDENT, #4 THE EXCHANGE STUDENT, #3 THE BAD LUCK CHARM, #2 WATER PARK, #1 LIFE IS UNFAIR THE SILVER CHAIR - THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Snow White AMIGOS The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. The definitive Illustrated Guide ADVANCE Australia Fair Don\'t forget Tom Shiloh Peter Rabbit\'s Touch and Feel Book Peter and the Wolf (Hebrew) Exhibition of Royal Robes and Regalia ANIMAL STORIES The Bear\'s Picnic DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK Raggedy Ann and Andy in The Tunnel of Lost Toys The Buried Moon and other magical stories LITTLE YELLOW DOG SAYS LOOK AT ME Jack Sprat The Man From Snowy River I Love Space (First facts and pictures) The POKY LITTLE PUPPY Angel\'s Gate Simply abc BEST STORIES FOR Under Fives bindi Wildlife Adventures TROUBLE AT THE ZOO. BOOK 1 THE CLOCK SHOP Mother Goose Jingles, with Pictures Perrault\'s Fairy Tales 17 KINGS and 42 ELEPHANTS Sophie\'s Island The 1988 May Gibbs Diary Walt Disney\'s Dumbo FAMOUS 5 ON THE CASE - THE CASE OF THE STINKY SMELL and THE CASE OF HOT-AIR BA BOOM! THE CAT IN THE HAT COMES BACK Hutton\'s 1981 Footy Book.  Sally of St Patrick\'s Two Weeks in Grade Six Robinson Crusoe Contact Us Cities of Blood. Voyages Through Time Puck of Pook\'s Hill Bread and Honey The Barefoot Book of Dance Stories (with story CD by Juliet Stevenson) LEONARDO DA VINCI\'S FANTASTIC ANIMALS Child\'s Own Annual Haircuts for the Woolseys Curious George GOES TO AN ICE CREAM SHOP Spot\'s Birthday Party If You Say So, Claude THE LEAGUE OF YOUTH A DOLL\'S HOUSE THE LADY FROM THE SEA Ted The Eleventh Hour A CURIOUS MYSTERY Billy mack\'s war The Power of Five: Necropolis. City of the Dead James in a Mess and other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories THE LUNCH BOX MONSTER Lacey O\'Neal colours THE TALE OF JEMIMA PUDDLE-DUCK Talks with my Skateboard, A collection of poems Umbrella JAHARI\'S ADVENTURE Storybook (no DVD) Woody Woodpecker\'s Peck of Trouble The POPULAR BOOK for TINIES Hope Was Here Puss in Boots (Read it yourself) The Twelve Dancing Princesses THE DAY JEAN-PIERRE JOINED THE CIRCUS Clap Hands November The Wheat Stalks Lucy & Tom go to School The Tough Winter The Lucky Ladybirds Count Up to Ten Wombat Goes Walkabout PAUL Hits the Beach and Other Wild Adventures WHERE\'S WALLY? THE TRULY TERRIFIC ACTIVITY BOOK The Jetty Walt Disney\'s STORY OF Mary Poppins with songs from the film 12 DC (no tape) SCIENCE DETECTIVE The Polar Bear on the Ice (Animal Habitats, Oxford Scientific Films) DANNY DUNN and the FOSSIL CAVE The Long Walk HELGA\'S DOWRY A Troll Love Story The Three Little Pigs Pop-Up Picture Story The Sesame Street Library With Jim Henson\'s Muppets  Volume 9 Featuring The Letters S And The Number 9 Kites to make and fly THE BRAVE LION (I can read by myself 4-7 years) The Little Mosquito Swan Lake (Le Lac des Cygnes) nursery rhymes Put Me in the Zoo The Forbidden Forest UP THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILD Mr Majeika and the Music Teacher Stowaways in the Abbey MY BOOK OF TRAINS How the Burning of Chibi Led to Cao Cao\'s Defeat (TALES OF THE THREE KINGDOMS) Magic : Mind Tricks