DIMBOOLA ELIZABETH TAYLOR The Orchard Book of STORIES FROM THE BALLET SOOTY\'S ANNUAL WEATHER (Exploring the Environment Series) MR. GRUMBLE Who\'s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? A-Lift-the-Flap book Children of the Yukon When I\'m Feeling Loved The Lost Gold Bars Contact Us My Place in Space THE PaW Haircuts for the Woolseys BERTiE WAS A WATCHDOG The Leaf and the Bud and other songs for childre A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver THE BIRD WHO WAS AN ELEPHANT King of Kilba Story of The Three Little Kittens ; Read Along With Me WHODUNNIT? Digger\'s Mate Wonder Tales of Maoriland MR. TICKLE Bobby Brewster\'s Potato Lilywhite : The Tale of a Horse Callie\'s Family WITH YOU AND WITHOUT YOU WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THUMBELINA? (THE FARYTALE SEQUELS SERIES) BUSHRANGER BILL Don\'t Pat the Wombat! Daddy Kiss Geheimnisse Des Alltags, Wonders of Every Day, Try and Know Science Fun (Hebrew) Dear Zoo So Immortal a Flower Classic Animal Stories Vegetable Soup (audio tape included) Lucy & Tom\'s Christmas Why is grass green? (Mickey Wonders Why) The Giant from the Little Island THE UGLY DUCKLING (LOOK AT ME...I CAN READ!) LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE (THE KINGSTON CLASSICS) GOAT\'S TRAIL Wolf Dog Valley The Serpent\'s Teeth. The Story of Cadmus DEAR DUMB DAIRY, LET\'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED An Older Kind of Magic EMIL in the Soup Tureen When I Feel Angry (The Way I Feel, TAKING CARE OF OUR EMOTIONS!) ISABELLA\'S BED Our Peculiar Neighbour The Hedgehog Feast THE FUZZY DUCKLING (#33) A LITTLE GOLDEN BOOK Hooray for the Kafe Karaoke! My First Reading Book of Nursery Verses Animal Camouflage (ALTHEA\'S NATURE SERIES) A Second Book of Wild Flowers My Grandad is Great VISITING THE SICK The Big Book of Datya Ben Dor (Hebrew) I want a dog ARTHUR\'S TOOTH Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor (Book 2) FIVE LITTLE GEFILTES My Place WINKLE AND RUBY ROBIN A CHILDREN\'S STORY BOOK The Grizzly Revenge A Little Life Of Jesus DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS (ekidna club) CASS BECOMES A STAR WHO HAS THE YELLOW HAT? (Lift the flap} Old MacDonald Had a Farm Who? The Wiggles: Dorothy\'s Day Doctor Dolittle And His Friends (based on the screenlay of Twentieth Century-Fox The Magic School Bus IN THE TIME OF THE DINOSAURS Rip van Winkle (Once Upon a Storytime Series) A HOLE IN THE HEAD Double-Decker Double-Decker Double-Decker Bus Whiskerville Grocery Stowaway! Adventures at Sea PICK YOUR PATH 1 (Disney CLUB PENGUIN) Tremendous TRACTORS (Amazing Machines series) The Adventures of Drippy The Runaway Raindrop The Wonders of SCIENCE (first Adventures in learning) ENGINES (CHILDREN\'S UNIVERSITY) THIDWICK THE BIG-HEARTED MOOSE Fifty Years Guide Dogs Victoria. fifty tails for fifty years EXCUSE ME! The Scout Annual THE Aristocats (Disney\'s Wonderful World of Reading) Heroines of Bible Stories I\'M GREEN AND I\'M GRUMPY! The Stones of Muncaster. Two stories of the supernatural Our Baby Doesn\'t Legend of the Eight Dragon Gods. Vol. 4. Koalas, Kites and Kangarooos: An Australian Alphabet Book The Ivy How the Kookaburra Got His Laugh   (Young Australia series) Alfred HITCHCOCK PRESENTS Stories to be read with the door locked Thunderwith